What we do for you

Our dedicated team here at Accord Recruitment aim to pair our candidates with Accountancy organizations that suit your specific requirements. We strive to identify roles within the sector where you will optimize your skills, experience and have potential opportunity for development. Job searching can be time consuming and unsuccessful applications may lead to frustration and lack of motivation. We have the tools and resources to take the hassle out of finding your ideal job.

Cv Tips
Include general information about yourself
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Date of Birth
  • A recent photo
  • List your qualifications & education
  • Secondary School/ College/ Third Level/ PLC/ Masters/ PHD
  • Summarise your previous employers, job role & brief description, Include dates of commencing/ ending
  • Ensure to include character & experience references (with permission)
  • Include some information of your traits relevant to the job role you are applying for
  • Refer to your availability, full time/ part time.

  • ***Customised CV Template comes as standard*** ***Visit our Contact Page for CV queries***
    Interview Tips
    Use your CV as a quideline of information you want to get across to you potential employer. But be prepared to discuss these points further.
  • Practice discussing your qualifications & experience
  • Deliver your conversation in a clear, relaxed tone, show enthusiasm but remain calm and conversational.
  • Don't lose confidence if you feel the interview isn't going the way you hoped, your CV/ References will show your skills and suitability for the job position.
  • Be aware of your strengths & weaknesses. Prepare potential solutions or positive sides to your weaknesses, while explaining how your strengths can benefit the company.
  • Be prepared to discuss any gaps of time of unemployment on your CV, and reasons for leaving last job.
  • Be prepared to attend an interview by phone or in person with your potential employer after submitting your CV to us