What we do for you

At Accord Recruitment our team of experienced professionals are committed to selecting the best possible candidates for your business based on suitability, availability & location. When selecting your perfect candidate, we analyse both their hard and soft skills to ensure the best possible match for your available position. We investigate candidate’s areas of expertise, including qualifications and experience level, alongside their personal characteristics.

Candidate Availability
  • Fulltime/ part-time hours required
  • Availability to work overtime
  • Nights/ early mornings/ weekends
  • Calls outside working hours
  • Candidate Suitability
  • Relevant qualifications
  • Appropriate experience
  • Favourable personal characteristics
  • Suitable additional skills, as per job requirement

  • What to include in your Job Spec
  • Description of job available, including responsibilities
  • Qualifications & experience level preferred
  • Additional skills required; software
  • Ideal personal characteristics
  • Proposed salary & hours
  • General info about company, including location